Welcome to T&S PRIME. We are happy to welcome you into our Affiliate Program that allows you to generate an automatic income by simply advertising our attractive products.
This program allows you making our products known to your users and lets you earn a commission corresponding to the agreed percentage of the price on every purchase made by the user. The sum of money owed to you will be credited to your T&S PRIME Affiliate account after 10 working days from the date of purchase.

Be a member of T&S PRIME Affiliate

Here you will find how T&S PRIME Affiliate Program works.
For each user coming to our marketplace by means of a link or a banner that you have advertised you can earn a provision equal to the agreed percentage on the purchase price on every product bought by that user.
From your Affiliate Dashboard on T&S PRIME you will receive an affiliate link (or referral link) that will be automatically generated from your username. You can paste it on your website or use banners with that link and advertise it on your website.
Any of your users coming to our store by means of that link and purchasing any product in our store, will grant you a commission on the purchase.

Affiliate percentage

The affiliate percentage for our products is set to 15% on billing price. So, for example, if a user reaches us through your link and buys a product that costs (billing price) ₹ 1000, your provision is ₹150.

*The company provide a special discount coupon in favor of affiliate member & if the purchaser use this special discount coupon then He/ She get extra 10% off on MRP.
**The affiliate member will earn/get 15% commission on billing price (billing price means the actual price which is paid by the purchaser).
***The affiliate member will receive a special bonus if the earning commission exceeds ₹ 10,000.


In this section you will find how payments of the provisions will be made.

Payment methods

T&S PRIME keeps your earnings safe until you require payment. Unless we decide to pay your earnings before, they will be kept safe for you until we get a request for payment from you.
You will receive the payment after 10 days of purchase. If the 10th day happens to be holiday, you will receive the payment the first following working day available. We will ask you to enter your correct data (Bank Details). This will automatically generate an invoice where the affiliate declares to receive the payment of the earned amount, so, please, make sure the information (Bank Details) you enter is correct. Payments will be done through e-banking or UPI.


If any of the purchases related to your affiliate earnings is subject to refund or chargeback, we can at our discretion withdraw the said commission from your Affiliate earnings.